3-15-38. George Howard Darwin to H. Poincaré

Oct. 19.01.

Newnham Grange–Cambridge

Dear Monsieur Poincaré,

I send you a copy of the Ellipsoidal Harmonics with nearly if not all the mistakes & misprints corrected.11Darwin 1902.

I am very glad to hear yr paper is nearly finished.22See Poincaré to Darwin (§ 3-15-37). As an F.R.S. you of course present yr paper in propriâ personâ (of course you need not be there in the body), but if you will allow it to pass thro’ my hands I should have an opportunity of glancing through it. I suppose it will be “read” on the same day as mine.33The papers by Darwin and Poincaré were presented to the Royal Society on 21.11.1901. The reading of such papers is generally a very short affair but if I have had the paper I shd be able to say a few words as to its object & scope.

It is necessary to send an abstract (for the proceedings) which may range from a dozen lines to 3 or 4 pages as the author chooses.44Poincaré 1901. If you find it too tiresome to write an abstract I will try what I can do, but author’s abstract wd naturally be much more satisfactory. My own paper has now gone back purged, I think, of its sins — for which yr last letter I think gives me absolution.

Yours Sincerely,

G. H. Darwin

ALS 2p. Collection particulière, Paris 75017.

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