2-55-7. Peter Guthrie Tait to H. Poincaré

[Ca. 20.05.1892]11 1 Published in Nature on 26.05.1892, following Poincaré’s letter to the editor (§ 2-55-3). Tait refers to the present letter by note to Poincaré of 20.05.1892 (§ 2-55-6).

I need scarcely say that I never dreamt of doubting the good faith of M. Poincaré. What I did (and still do) doubt is my having made my meaning clear to him. For I cannot see how such a discussion could degenerate into a mere war of words. So far as I understand myself, I have been dealing mainly with the validity of certain modes of establishing physical laws, not with the mere terms employed in describing the experimental facts on which they are founded.

P. G. T.

PrTL. Tait 1892, reedited in Petiau 1954, 238–239.

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