3-37-3. Simon Newcomb to H. Poincaré

Weggis, Suisse, September 30, 1899

À Monsieur le Président du Bureau des Longitudes, Paris

Dear Sir,

Owing to my absence from home I have only now received notice of the very great honor done me by the Minister of Public Instruction and the Fine Arts in nominating me Correspondant of the Bureau des Longitudes. I beg that you will convey to the authorities who have done me this honour the assurance of my very high appreciation of it. This act adds one more to the ties which bind me to France, and will be a great incentive to doing work in the future of a kind to interest your Bureau.11 1 Newcomb was named Correspondent of the Bureau des longitudes on July 7, 1899; see the notes to the letter from Poincaré to Leygues, 28.06.1899 (§ 3-47-13).

I remain, Sir, most respectfully, your obedient servant,

Simon Newcomb

ALS 2p. Observatoire de Paris.

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