Guglielmo Marconi to Nobel Committee for Physics

13th. January 191011 1 The manuscript is stamped: “K. Vetenskapsakademiens, Nobelkomitéer, Inkom den 17.1 1910”.

Watergate House, York Buildings, Adelphi – London, W.C.

Monsieur le Secrétaire
Comité Nobel de Physique – 18 Barnhusgatan, Stockholm

Dear Sir,

At the invitation of Professor Mittag-Leffler, I have much pleasure in herewith associating myself to the proposal laid before your Committee by Messrs Appel, Darboux and Fredholm in favour of the Nobel Prize for Physics for 1910 being given to Monsieur Poincaré in recognition of his very important work in connection with differential equations in matematical Physics.22 2 See Darboux et al. to the Nobel Committee (Walter, ed., 2007, § 2-62). Marconi shared the Nobel Prize in physics (1909) with Ferdinand Braun for his contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy. In 1905, Poincaré would have liked to see a prize for wireless telegraphy go to Augusto Righi; see his recommendation (Walter, ed., 2007, § 2-62).

Yours faithfully,

G. Marconi

TLS 1p. Nobel Archives of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Time-stamp: "19.03.2015 01:51"


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