3-15-8. George Howard Darwin to H. Poincaré

6 Feb. 1900

Newnham Grange—Cambridge

Dear Monsieur Poincaré,

I find that I was wrong in describing the dinner on Friday as a dinner of the Society — it is a dinner of the Astronomical Club, and it is quite small & informal.11 1 The dinner invitation was extended to Poincaré by Darwin (§ 3-15-5) in connection with the Gold Medal awarded him by the Royal Astronomical Society. For Darwin’s award-ceremony speech, see Darwin (1900). We do not even put on “Cravate blanche”. Nevertheless there are speeches (I am sorry to say) — for we English do not seem able to eat our dinners without speechifying. I hope the weather may be less abominable by Friday than it is now.

Yours very Sincerely

G. H. Darwin

ALS 1p. Collection particulière, Paris 75017.

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  • G. H. Darwin (1900) Presentation of the Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society to M. Henri Poincaré. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 60, pp. 406–415. External Links: Link Cited by: footnote 1.