Poincaré Correspondence: Legend 

Table 1. Calendar fields.
DateDate of the letter.
NomCorrespondent's name.
HPDirection of the letter: Rightarrow signals a letter addressed to Poincaré, indicates a letter written by Poincaré to the indicated correspondent.
ScanLinks to digitized images of the manuscript.
DébutBeginning of the letter, linked to a transcription in XHTML unicode (cf. the FAQ), if one is available.
SourceSource of the manuscript. Institutional addresses are listed here, along with the letter distribution.
VolVolume of the Correspondence of Henri Poincaré in which the letter is (or will be) published.

Table 2. Document codes.
Code Explanation
AC Autograph card, unsigned
ACS Autograph card, signed
AD Autograph document
ADX Autograph document, photocopy
ADftAutograph letter draft, unsigned
ADftS Autograph letter draft, signed
AL Autograph letter, unsigned
ALS Autograph letter, signed
LS Autograph letter, signature only
ALX Autograph letter, photocopy
ALSXAutograph letter, signed, photocopy      
PTrLPrinted transcription of a letter
PDPrinted document
TDTyped document
TrDTranscribed document
TDftTyped letter draft, unsigned
TDftS Typed letter draft, signed
TL Typed letter, unsigned
TLS Typed letter, signed
TGM Telegram

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